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About Us


BOTTEGA DELLA CANAPA STORE is a retail and wholesale online shop that offers the widest choice of items derived from the artisanal production of hemp, "the plant that can save the World". In addition to hemp products, we offer you a wide range of high quality organic and alternative natural products. Express shipments in Italy (delivery within 48/72 hours) and in Europe.


Bottega della Canapa Store is the official website of the Bottega della Canapa ® brand: here you can buy our lines of Natural Foods and Natural Cosmetics based on hemp, from organic and certified cultivation, made in Italy.


Bottega della Canapa ® brand was born in 2003 from an idea of ​​Masioli & Spinelli snc, a leading company for twenty years in the production, sale and international wholesale distribution of natural and organic products. Masioli & Spinelli snc is located in Emilia Romagna, historically considered as the first region of Italy to export Italian hemp all over the world.


You can also find clothing, bags and accessories in hemp, organic cotton, other natural fabrics and recycled materials from the best national and international brands, products for biogardening, household items, objects, books and much more! 


To reduce waste we have created a section Outlet where we offer clothing and accessories from previous collections, out of production, running out or even slightly damaged, yet functional, even if aesthetically non-compliant.


The products you find on Bottega della Canapa Store can also be purchased from authorized retailers



If you own a store, if you are a distributor, reseller or a restaurant owner and you want to resell, distribute as a B2B wholesaler or use our products, please register or contact us.