About Us

WWW.BOTTEGADELLACANAPA.COM is the official website of the italian brand BOTTEGA DELLA CANAPA ® brand and also an online retail and wholesale store. It is the most stocked hemp store in Italy. Express shipping with delivery within 24/48 hours.

Bottega della Canapa ® manufactures and distributes worldwide its lines of Natural Food and Natural Cosmetics made with hemp which comes from certified organic farming. Our stores also offer clothing in hemp and other natural fabrics (Pacino ®, Braitree ®, Hemp Valley ®, Madness ® and other brands), Pure ® bags and accessories in hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials (exclusive distributors in Italy), organic gardening products, giftware, books and much more.

The Mission is to combine quality, versatility and the high nutritional value of hemp to competence and innovation through a careful research in quality and selection of raw materials, to rediscover and manufacture products that will help you improve your health and well-being.

Bottega della Canapa ® is an ethical and ecological choice: we commit to respect and protect the environment, to promote water and energy conservation, not to use GMOs, not to test our products on animals. 
BOTTEGA DELLA CANAPA ® is an Italian leading company in the field of international sell and supply chain of natural and organic products. Founded in 2003 in Romagna by Giacomo Masioli and Massimiliano Spinelli.

The company is closely attached to Emilia Romagna, historically considered to be the first region in Italy to export Italian hemp worldwide. 
Bottega della Canapa ® is based in Cesena (FC) and, through a national franchise contract, is also present in Bologna. All the products can be purchased also from authorized dealers (see map).