Sativa Bags

SATIVA ® is an English brand specialized in hemp bags with over 20 years involvement in producing and promoting  their products. With a huge range of Hemp Bags for every walk of life, you are sure to find the style and colour you want. From camera bags to laptop bags to luggage bags, Sativa’s impressive collection and sustainable eco-friendly material will leave you safe in the knowledge you will look great without harming the planet.

Hemp Bags come in all shapes and sizes, made from only the best sustainable sources of organic hemp and cotton. Long lasting and completely bio-degradable (except the zip which is fully recylable!) These eco-friendly bags are perfect for when you go shopping or on a night out.

Caring for your Sativa Bag:

Handwash only
Do not use bleach
Iron on low heat
Can be dry cleaned
Do not tumble dry


  1. 1
    S10142 Hemp Wallet SATIVA ®
    Out of stock
    55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton OUTLET
  2. 2
    S10099A Buddha Bag SATIVA ®
    Out of stock
    55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton
  3. 3
    SRS295N Bong Bag SATIVA ®
    Out of stock
    100% Nylon OUTLET
  4. 4
    SRS295H Bong Bag SATIVA ®
    Out of stock
    55% hemp 45% organic cotton OUTLET